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Counseling for Youth and Adolescents

I support youth and adolescents in learning emotional coping and effective communication skills and to become more developmentally mature and self-reliant.  


I have several years of experience

counseling young people who are encountering depression and/or anxietyacting out, or internalizing due to family transitions, trauma, or other chronic

or situational stressers. 

I use a combination of play, sandtray, and structured activities for youth aged 7-11.

Sessions with adolescents and youth aged 12 and up are guided by co-created goals and individual needs and always an added sense of humor



I am always open to parent involvement and input in support of their child's treatment.  I also work with parents in separate or family sessions toward developing effective strategies to communicate with their children and cope with chronic and situational stressers faced by the family.

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